Forget gap years for a minute because 2020 welcomes the era of adventure travel planning. Nearly one quarter (23 per cent) of 18 to 25-year olds are now planning to retire before they turn 55, based on, which will undoubtedly lead more people to think about travelling as the ideal way to spend their spare time.

Well, expect to see retirement journey schemes and money-saving choices come to the forefront of exploration this year, given that almost half (47 per cent) of global travellers plan to be more adventurous in their travel options once they have retired.

Spending time with elderly relatives are going to be an enormous travel tendency in 2020, with expansive getaways on the increase between grandkids and grandparents.

Our hearts were on the edge of exploding when we learnt that nearly three-quarters (72%) of grandparents agree that spending time with their grandkids keeps them feeling young and 71% believe that parents want alone time with their children.

While skydiving in New Zealand or trekking the Himalayas with your grandma may not be on the cards for everybody, that does not mean you can’t reserve a trip to Thailand, Bhutan or around Australia and enjoy the scenery along with your grandparents come January 202 and beyond!

Grampians - why go there?

January 14, 2020