There are many fellow travellers who choose to pack very light with a carry-on size backpacks which contain a minimal amount travel clothes. Here are my top three essentials for any sensible female traveller.


Leggings are a great multipurpose thing to add to your travel wardrobe! You may use them for additional warmth, like trousers, or pyjamas. A key pair of black leggings is wearable with anything! Pick a thin microfiber type cloth, and even the least expensive leggings will almost come out dry out of the washing machine. Ideal!

The Ideal Dress

If you pack one dress, make it a tiny black travel dress. Whether you pick a flirty mini like this a more slow and relaxed fashion, a plain black skirt is an excellent alternative if you would like to pack light and still have the choice to wear a dress once in a while. Pick a simple black skirt and pair it with a black shirt to produce a modest Black Travel Dress!


Shorts are just another travel essential if you are travelling to warmer climates. Whether you decide to bring denim shorts, Capri length trousers, or dressy shorts, they are very versatile and can go days with no washing.

If you pick the shorter length, wear leggings in more conservative regions.

Many women hate convertible pants for girls and would much rather travel with jeans as those are the best ones. But you should include a cozy set of pants that could double as active trousers in your travel wardrobe.