Since we started cruising for pleasure, cruise lines have always ramped up their onboard entertainment offering, with a lot of the onboard entertainment proving to be a pure visual spectacle. I’ve been on quite a few cruises in my life, but the question I want to answer here is that cruise lines do entertainment best?

Carnival Cruise Line

World-renowned for their action-packed fun boats, Carnival Cruise Line pull out all of the bells and whistles when it comes to onboard entertainment, producing a vast and vibrant programme of nightly events that are celebrated for their glitz and glamour. Carnival ships are equiped with the very latest technology to bring every stage show to life, with a roster of special effects providing a visual accompaniment to the professional acting and dancing teams.

Norwegian Cruise Line

In recent years, Norwegian Cruise Line has aimed to shrug off their image as a formal line, incorporating a lot more fun activities across their international fleet. This overhaul led to the creation of a new entertainment programme, with a particular emphasis on large production shows that are intended to get the whole audience involved with the action. The line’s most significant and newest ships, such as Norwegian Getaway and Norwegian Epic, are particularly renowned for their innovative entertainment programmes.

P&O Cruises Australia

Since establishing themselves as Australia’s favourite cruise line, P&O Australia has gone to great lengths to tailor their onboard offerings to the local cruise market, introducing a wealth of new generation demonstrates that offer endless visual and comedic appeal. Just last year, P&O Australia introduced a brand new production show that is thought to push the envelope in terms of modern choreography – Twice Upon a Time. The show is features aboard Pacific Eden and Pacific Aria, but I’m told it would be rolled out to other boats in the coming months.