The Grampians is a grand national park to the northwest of Melbourne. Driving past Ararat, you will spot them in the space — a bumpy group of magnificent hills splitting the horizon in 2. This dazzling region is inhabited by towering sandstone peaks, gorgeous wildflowers and the epic Pinnacle walk, so it is known to most Melburnians as an excellent nature escape from the city. The traditional owners of the land know it as Gariwerd, and the area is well known for having one of the largest collections of Native rock art sites in southeastern Australia.

We have laid out the best things to see, eat and do while you are here.

It is the noise when crowds and cars give way to bird songs, trickling waterfalls, the wind through trees and the crunching noise that your boots make on the mountain paths of the Grampians National Park. Hiking is serious business here, but there is such a selection of hiking options that just about everyone will find something to their liking.

Head off early on the ultra-popular Pinnacle Walk early in the morning and choose the hour-long walk up to a lookout, where you will see green peaks emerge through the mist. Ancient volcanic rocks flank your path, and more paths offer a challenge to more experienced climbers.