On vacation, it is best for your sanity (and wallet) to stick to a signature, time-tested look. You may want to keep your signature look down to just essentials (and let sunglasses cover the rest). On a break, you definitely do not want to waste time going through your makeup bag, looking to find something that is a must for you.

Just as you are not supposed to wear makeup after getting a facial, you do not want to wear makeup now that you have ramped up your post-vacation skincare routine and re-set your skin, undoing all of your progress. Since those are all things that we are trying to avoid and minimise post-holiday, it is best to give your skin a rest and stay away from makeup for at least a couple of days. Since your skin may be sensitive after vacation, make sure you use a gentle exfoliator to prevent further damaging your skin.

Choose a natural face scrub containing sugar to get a gentle skin-softening exfoliation. Before cleansing with water cleansing wipes, use olive oil to gently remove makeup and give skin a moisture boost. If you are getting a home wax, you will need to prepare your skin as well with an exfoliation.

You can also use cheap mineral oil-based lotion, such as freebies in every hotel, over some paper towels to get rid of any makeup. Doing this prepares your skin for hair remover and lessens the chances of bumps and irritation after treatment.

Getting the perfect hair is also very important to get into the mood. You can do a hair treatment the night before to add that extra shine to your hair. Once they are dry, style them and put on a serum so that those amazing curls last longer.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Another essential item to add to your beauty bag is water wipes. They are pretty gentle on sensitive skin and also not loaded with all those additives that we are working so hard to get rid of. That way, you can keep your skin looking refreshed and break out free during the holidays. Don’t forget – Your skin is already going to feel weird from the new climate and the different pH of your tap water, so you will want to make sure that you are packing some of the usual stuff in order to avoid any breakouts or dry skin.

Another thing to keep in mind is that air travel is particularly drying on the skin, so be sure to keep the skin moisturised. Early flights, stress-filled check-ins, additional UV exposure from aeroplane windows, cabin pressure, dry air, and wearing a mask all contribute to making your skin feel worse than it should.

If you have inflammation on your facial skin, it can make things a bit more complicated. A proper routine is needed to get rid of it, and you might not have time for it on vacation. As photos are a must to capture those beautiful memories, you can wear light makeup and lift up your fashion game by putting on some coloured contact lenses. You can check out some of the best coloured contact lenses Australia has to offer beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about getting them at the last minute.

Next comes packing in your favourite moisturiser. A well-moisturised skin is healthier, more elastic, and resilient to ageing effects. Using moisturisers will immediately hydrate your skin and provide a nice glow. Please keep in mind that a heavier moisturiser will just sit on top of your skin and take longer to soak in; a lighter moisturiser will soak in almost immediately.   

Make sure you prepare your skin thoroughly before you leave, and also carry some skin care products with you for the rest of the journey. If checking in a bag, pack a little kit of makeup and skincare essentials that should stay in your carry-on in case the airline loses your luggage, or you miss a connecting flight. The exact items to pack will vary depending on your skin type and what type of makeup you prefer to wear, but in general, you will want to pack a cleansing cream or pre-moistened makeup-removing wipes, moisturiser, and any other essentials that you think you may need.

Maybe travel-friendly beauty products may not seem like the top priority when packing for your trip, but living out of your suitcase should not mean overlooking your skin and hair. While you might choose not to wear any makeup during travel, one thing you should not do is neglect your skin care. Keep a refreshing face mist, makeup wipes, moisturiser, concealer, and lip balm stocked in your bag, ready for when you land.

All in all, just try to keep your makeup bag light and sweet to make the most of the weekend getaway.