images (4)Skip hire companies are SASBA companies which deal with hiring or renting out of skips to individuals who then fill the skips and call on the companies to collect their waste to go and have it disposed. These are then waste management companies as they deal with disposals and management of waste which they collect from different places. Any company that deals with management of waste needs to be registered and licensed by the Environment Agency due to the fact that the manner in which waste is disposed has a very huge impact in affecting the environment.

Waste that Should Not be Included in the Skip

The person who is packing up waste into the skip is directly responsible for the manner in which it will be disposed. This is the main reason why he or she should not at any point put hazardous waste into the skip. Hazardous wastes include tires, freezers, fridges, batteries and any other electrical equipment. Things which are highly prone to explosion such as gas canisters and hazardous liquids such as oil and any poisonous fluids should never be included with other waste in the skips. It should also be noted that one is not allowed to overfill the skips that have been rented. This means that when hiring one, you need to at least get one that is slightly bigger than the estimation that you have so that you may be sure that you will not overfill it with waste as it will not be collected if overfilled and some of the waste will have to be removed and placed back to your premises.

The prices of hiring a skip are varied nationally. It depends on the skipping company and the competition that it is facing from other similar companies that provide the same services. It also depends on the size of the skip hired and the specific type of waste that is going to fill the skip.